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infographic created by anti-porn organization “Fight the New Drug”

We are still working on creating resources for you on this page. In the meantime, here are some very useful links:

Fight The New Drug

“We are fighting against the demand for pornography. Through education, we believe people will no longer want to use porn and those with addictive behavior will seek help from professionals.”

Pleasure vs Profit

“Exposes how the porn industry manipulates a natural curiosity about sex to sell a narrow, joyless and harmful version of sexuality.”

Your Brain On Porn

“Evolution has not prepared your brain for today’s Internet porn.” This is a website full of information about how porn use impacts the adolescent brain and why it alters the way a person perceives sex & sexuality, and relationships in general. It helps make sense of concepts and evidence- and research-based science on the many negative effects of porn.

Youth Pornography Addiction Center

“Providing professional help to young people and their parents, and training a network of professionals who specialize in working with young people struggling with pornography addiction.”

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