What Your Kids Are Looking At and Why That’s a Big Deal

With the porn industry left unchecked, our children have round the clock access to hardcore porn and we as parents have been left completely alone to deal with the fallout from this multi-billion dollar global industry. While we have worried about the cost of diapers, and argued with our friends about what Common Core means, the porn industry has infiltrated every aspect of our children’s lives. From the clothes they wear, the music they listen to, movies and television they watch, to their vocabulary and, especially, into their sexual education and behaviors. Whether its on a home computer or mobile device, it is not a matter of ‘if’ your child will be exposed; it is a matter of ‘when.’ Whether they are seeing it on the bus or at a friend’s house, or at home when you are not around, with mobile devices and home computers, there are simply too many opportunities for them to NOT see it.

We as parents want to believe that our child is immune and that we can keep them completely free from porn’s destructive effects. Even if your child doesn’t make a habit of masturbating to porn, if our society continues on this path, our children will have no one left to partner with who has not been adversely affected by porn. The time is now. Educate yourself, talk to your children and help them understand the pornified culture we live in.


What is the big deal?

Pornography is not simply the sexist, naked Playboy photos you or your peers perused as a teen. Those pin-up-type centerfolds look tame and  and almost quaint  when compared to the cruel, violent offerings in online porn today. Indoctrinating viewers that women are no more than a collection of orifices to penetrate, today’s porn teaches that a woman’s sole purpose is to be used, abused and perpetrated upon for a man’s pleasure. She is to be subjected to body-punishing sex, slapped, called vile names, pounded anally and then ejaculated on.

Pornographers show this and much worse, with the porn actress almost always screaming “yes” or moaning in pleasure. Her (fake) pleasure is subordinate to or non-existent without a man’s pleasure. What do these abusive, and cruel confusing images do to a child? How does the developing brain of your child or adolescent process these images and in turn, get shaped by these images? What effects are manifested after a dozen or a hundred viewing hours? Combined with increased sexualization of pop culture, many porn acts and attitudes are being normalized. The intense pressure on young and college-age girls to perform porn sex and subjugate their own feelings and desires increases (source). Pamela Paul in her book Pornified, interviewed men and women who spoke about the ways their lives had been changed by porn. Men talked about losing the capacity for intimacy and connection, while women felt used and objectified by men who wanted to perform porn sex on their bodies. This book came out in 2005, so the people interviewed had not even grown up with porn. imagine what these interviews would look like today given that the average age of first viewing porn is 11. This is a whole new world, and many parents seem totally unaware of the reality of their children’s life.