Appearances in Documentaries

Dr. Gail Dines’ Appearances in Documentaries


Price of Pleasure: Pornography, Sexuality & Relationships

dvd_jacket_235Produced by Chyng Sun and directed and co-produced by Miguel Picker. Distributed by Media Education Foundation.
Once relegated to the margins of society, pornography has emerged as one of the most visible and profitable sectors of the cultural industries, assuming an unprecedented role in the mainstream of our popular culture at the same time that its content has become more extreme and harsh, more overtly sexist and racist. This eye-opening and disturbing film tackles the complexity behind this seeming paradox, placing the voices of critics, producers, and performers alongside the observations of men and women as they candidly discuss the role pornography has played in shaping their sexual imaginations and relationships. Honest and non-judgmental, The Price of Pleasure moves beyond the liberal versus conservative debates so common in the culture to paint a myth-busting and nuanced portrait of how pleasure and pain, commerce and power, liberty and responsibility have become intertwined in the most intimate area of our lives.

(Description taken from Media Education Foundation Website)


Mickey Mouse Monopoly: Disney, Childhood & Corporate Power

dvd_jacket_112Produced and Directed by Chyng Sun & Miguel Picker. Distributed by Media Education Foundation
The Disney Company’s massive success in the 20th century is based on creating an image of innocence, magic and fun. Its animated films in particular are almost universally lauded as wholesome family entertainment, enjoying massive popularity among children and endorsement from parents and teachers.

Mickey Mouse Monopoly takes a close and critical look at the world these films create and the stories they tell about race, gender and class and reaches disturbing conclusions about the values propagated under the guise of innocence and fun. This daring new video insightfully analyzes Disney’s cultural pedagogy, examines its corporate power, and explores its vast influence on our global culture. Including interviews with cultural critics, media scholars, child psychologists, kindergarten teachers, multicultural educators, college students and children, Mickey Mouse Monopoly will provoke audiences to confront comfortable assumptions about an American institution that is virtually synonymous with childhood pleasure.

(Description taken from Media Education Foundation Website)


The Strength to Resist: The Media’s Impact on Women & Girls.

smBeyondProduced and Directed by Cambridge Documentary Films
Over 20 years ago, Cambridge Documentary Films produced and directed the well known films “Killing Us Softly” and “Still Killing Us Softly.” In reponse to viewers who expressed the need for a fresh, new approach to the topic, particularly one that addresses strategies of resistance. and the personal stories of girls and women working at the grass roots level, and those working with issues of race, we produced this new 33 minute documentary. It documents the fight against the toxic and degrading messages to girls and women that dominate the media.

(Description taken from Cambridge Documentary Films)


Porn on the Brain.


A BBC Channel 4 film, produced by Martin Daubney.Today’s hardcore porn is extreme; it’s free and it’s only one click away. Martin Daubney meets leading neuroscientists, therapists and educators who are all concerned about the effects on vulnerable teenage brains today of free and easy access to hardcore pornography.

The film includes the results of a specially-commissioned survey of teen porn habits, conducted for the documentary by the University of East London; and collaborates with the University of Cambridge to conduct the first study of its kind, scanning the brains of men who feel they are addicted to porn.