Tell the Canadian Justice Dept to Introduce the Nordic Model on Prostitution

The Canadian Department of Justice wants the publics input regarding prostitution. Next year, they are considering making prostitution a supreme court issue. If we don’t act now, and “if there is no legislative response, the result of this decision would be decriminalization of most adult prostitution-related activities”. We invite you to learn more about the Nordic Model, the most effective legislative model available. For those of you who may not be so familiar with it, the Nordic Model is designed to help give support and services to prostituted individuals. Their goal is to change the publics attitude about being able to buy prostituted people. By addressing the cultural assumptions regarding this issue, they hope to encourage johns to no longer think that buying sex is an option. It’s the only model that understands the power imbalance between prostituted people, the johns, and the 3rd party who profits greatly from this. The aim of the Nordic Model is to end prostitution once and for all. This holistic approach would be greatly beneficial in Canada.

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