Sex Week at University of Chicago

The University of Chicago is holding their annual Sex Week and is inviting pornographers to promote commercialized sex on campus. Here at Stop Porn Culture, we are fully behind comprehensive sex education, and think that the porn industry is taking away from the creativity of sex. The University of Chicago is selling out their students to the porn industry by inviting pornographers to their campus during this week. It’s important to take notice that not one of their speakers is sex critical and looks at porn from a scholarly perspective. There are however, workshops on S&M and on how to be an ally of “sex workers” without discussing the people who buy and sell women. Instead of relying on pornographers and other sources for teaching their students sex ed, the University of Chicago should be focusing on teaching their students to critically analyze the messages that the media, and the sex industry are selling them.

Send emails of protest to:

Linda McLarnan: Assistant to the President for Communications
Phone: 773.834.8342

Fax: 773.702.0809
Or write to:

Linda McLarnan

University of Chicago

Edward H. Levi Hall

5801 South Ellis Avenue
Chicago, Illinois 60637
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