Launching: CULTURE REFRAMED, a Public Health Educational Approach

Stop Porn Culture is thrilled to debut our state-of-the-art health promotion initiative: Culture Reframed!

Pornography is the public health crisis of the digital age.

Culture Reframed responds to that crisis by offering online education and support to promote healthy youth development, relationships, and sexuality.  Our research-driven programs teach parents, educators, and health professionals how to recognize and address the role of pornography in sexual violence, Internet addiction, depression, and other problem behaviors.  We empower our participants to influence positive and lasting change in families and communities harmed by the hypersexualized media that marks our digital age.

Boys first access internet hardcore porn at age 12-14.
Today’s hardcore porn is dehumanizing, body-punishing and violent.
This their primary form of sex ed.

You want to see public health programs to combat the problem? You’ve come to the right place. We are developing evidence-based, multi-disciplinary programs with a cutting edge team of scholars and experts.

Please stay tuned for updates on how you can get involved! We would love to hear from you: please email us your questions and comments at info [at] stoppornculture [dot] org.

You would like to find out more?

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