“Advocates: Businesses not complying with new sex trafficking law” by Rachel Stockman

Businesses that cater to “adult entertainment” in the Atlanta, Georgia area are required by law to post toll-free phone numbers where trafficked individuals can recieve services and help escaping from dire situations. However, local advocates are discovering that many establishments, such as strip clubs, are simply choosing not to display the crucial hotline information. This is an excerpt from a recent article published by WSBTV. The source of this excerpt is http://www.wsbtv.com/news/news/local/advocates-businesses-not-complying-new-sex-traffic/ngD4j/

image courtesy of WSBTV.

image courtesy of WSBTV.

Local advocates are monitoring local adult establishments, hotels, and bus stations to make sure they are in compliance with a new Georgia law, which requires them to post a sign with a toll free number where victims of sex trafficking can get help.

At strip clubs and other late night establishments young girls are often trafficked for sex, according to advocates.

“If you are victim of human trafficking there is help, you can dial this 1-800 number,” said Michelle Arrington, who is working with her sorority Alpha Kappa Alpha and Georgia Woman for a Change to monitor establishments to make sure they are compliance with the new law.
When the group visited adult establishments along Cheshire Bridge Road in Northeast Atlanta on Wednesday they did not find any with posted signs as required by law.

“We found dancers and no notices of the information,” said Nicole Adams, a volunteer.

“They didn’t have any signs posted and we were in the lobby area where it should be highly visible and it was not there,” said Marilyn Arrington, another volunteer.

This is a significantly shortened excerpt. To read the full article, please visit the website WSBTV http://www.wsbtv.com/news/news/local/advocates-businesses-not-complying-new-sex-traffic/ngD4j/

Rachel Stockman joined the Channel 2 Action News team in July 2012. She is currently reporting for Channel 2 Action News.