“The Anatomy Of A College Rape Accusation” by Fred Thys

Colleges and universities are increasingly being scrutinized because of the way they have handled sexual assault cases. A brave young woman shares the remarkably unjust way her campus handled her assault. This is an excerpt from a recent article published by NPR’s Here and Now. The source of this excerpt is http://hereandnow.wbur.org/2014/05/13/williams-college-rape

image courtesy of wikipedia

image courtesy of wikipedia

Amid increasing scrutiny nationwide of college administrators’ response to sexual assault cases, a former Williams College student and her parents have accused leaders at that college of mishandling her assault case.


Note: NPR and WBUR’s policy is to not identify victims of sexual assault without their permission. In this case, both the woman and her parents agreed to be publicly identified. WBUR is not naming the alleged assailant because no criminal charges were filed.

Fred Thys, reporter for WBUR in Boston. He reports on politics and higher education.