“Former Sex-Trafficking Victim Speaks Out On 7 Years of Violence, Captivity as Warning to Youth” by Nina Golgowski

In this Daily News article, Nina Golgowski exposes what Jasmine Marino-Fiandaca experienced when a man, who she thought was her boyfriend, groomed her into sex trafficking for seven years. This is an excerpt from a recent Daily News article. The source of this article is http://www.nydailynews.com/news/national/sex-trafficking-victim-speaks-7-years-captivity-article-1.1756116

Image courtesy of Daily News.

Image courtesy of Daily News.

“When it comes to sex trafficking, it can happen anywhere and to anyone.

That’s the frightening message a Massachusetts mother and former prisoner of America’s sex trade is hoping to get out while sharing her own story of being beaten and intimidated for seven years.

Jasmine Marino-Fiandaca was 18 years old and part of a big working-class family in Revere, Mass., when she says she was targeted by a man whom she thought was her boyfriend.

“He groomed me,” the now 32-year-old recently recalled to SeaCoastOnline. “He bought me fancy clothes and shoes, spent money on me. He drove a Mercedes. I felt very special. He said, ‘You could make a ton of money if you just worked in these massage parlors.'”

It wasn’t that Jasmine wasn’t loved at home, but this man — this “very seductive, very promising” man, as she described him — gave her attention she felt her busy parents had neglected.

It wasn’t before long, however, that manipulation turned into enslavement.

She was beaten, intimidated, and ultimately forced to do things she never would have dreamed of doing.

Her first job — she says she remembers like it was yesterday — was working 10 a.m. to 1 a.m. shifts at a massage parlor in Connecticut, every day.

“It was disgusting and exciting at the same time,” she told the paper. “Here I was 18, and I just made $80 in 20 minutes.”

But once her shift ended, that money she made was taken from her.

“He said, ‘Is there going to be a problem with this?’ In my mind, I said, ‘Yes, there’s going to be a problem.’ But I didn’t have the guts to say it, so I just handed it over.”

No longer was this man caring for her, but controlling her.

She wanted out. When she told him this, he allegedly replied, ‘That isn’t an option.'”

This is a significantly shortened excerpt. To read the full article, please visit http://www.nydailynews.com/news/national/sex-trafficking-victim-speaks-7-years-captivity-article-1.1756116

Nina Golgowski joined the Daily News as a digital reporter in May. She has covered everything from deep-sea discoveries, moment-by-moment Amber Alerts, to what it’s like to contest for The Price is Right.