The Impact of Sex, Violence and Commercial Culture on Children, Adolescents and Society, and Conference on Sex Trafficking July 7-11, Boston

Please join Dr. Gail Dines (author of Pornland: How Porn has Hijacked our Sexuality) and Dr. Diane Levin, (author of So Sexy so Soon and) for a Media Madness Institute and Stop Porn Culture Public Health Conference on the Impact of Sex, Violence and Commercial Culture on Children and Adolescents and Society. For Speaker bios, schedules and information, please scroll down.

Registration is now Open for the SPC Media Institute, Public Health Conference July 7-10 in Boston.

You can register for one of three conference tracks.

Registration Tracks & Links:


Track One (Registration Closed):

July 7-10, 4 days: Media Madness Institute and Public Health Conference. (Gail Dines, Diane Levin, Ann Olivarius, Cordelia Anderson, Carolyn West, Rebecca Whisnant and many other expert speakers).

Registration for Track 1 is now closed.


Track Two:

July 9-10, 2 days: Public Health Conference. (Gail Dines, Ann Olivarius, Cordelia Anderson, Carolyn West, Rebecca Whisnant and other expert speakers).

Please click here to register for Track 2 (Two days: Public Health Conference) 


1-Day Trafficking Conference (Sold Out):

Friday, July 11th: Conference on Ending Prostitution, Human Trafficking and Pornography: Putting Theory into Practice. Friday only (Norma Ramos, Vednita Carter, Gail Dines, Victor Malarek and other expert speakers)

The one-day trafficking conference is now full. Registration for this day is closed.



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  2. Conference Location and Map,
  3. Detailed Schedules,
  4. Recommended Readings
  5. Information on Speakers and other information.

Feel free to email info [at] stoppornculture [dot] org with your inquiries.


1. Accomodation:

For information about hotels, Wheelock college accommodation, please click here.

For information about parking, please click here.

When you consider booking accommodation, please note that there will be a major sports event during the week of our conference and very close to campus.

There will be a limited number of affordable dormitory rooms available at Wheelock College for registered conference attendees. For details and to register please click on one of the two links below.

Wheelock College accomodation:

Click here for details and to register for a SINGLE ROOM (single occupancy only, at $52/night).

Click here for details and to register for a DOUBLE ROOM ($42/person/night).

Please contact info [at] stoppornculture [dot] org with inquiries, including discount availability and special needs inquiries.The Wheelock College campus is step-free / wheelchair accessible.

Members of the press, please contact mediateam [at] stoppornculture [dot] org.

2. Conference Location:

Wheelock College Brookline campus

43 Hawes Street

Boston / Brookline, MA, 02446

The Wheelock College campus is step-free and  wheelchair accessible. This building is part of the college’s Brookline campus, a short walk from the main campus (please see map below).



The Wheelock College main campus is 0.5 miles (10min walk) away from the Brookline campus:

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3. Detailed Schedules for all five days:


Media Madness Summer Institute and Stop Porn Culture Public Health Conference Schedule,

and stand-alone Anti-Trafficking Conference Schedule

July 7-11, 2014.


Monday, July 7: What Is the Problem?

9:00-9:45              Introductions/Plan for Week (Diane Levin)

9:45-11:15            Overview: Media in a Capitalist Society (Gail Dines)

11:15-11:30           Break

11:30-12:45           Overview: Growing Up in Today’s Media Saturated World (Diane Levin)

12:45-2:00             Lunch

2:00-3:15               Introduction to Critical Media Literacy (Susan Owusu)

3:15-3:30               Break

3:30-4:45               Video and Discussion: “Mickey Mouse Monopoly” (Diane Levin)

4:45-5:00               Debrief and Reflect on Day 1

5:30-7:00               Optional Video and Discussion: Consuming Kids 

7:00                       Optional Dinner with Diane Levin


Tuesday, July 8: Why it Matters to Children, Youth and Society

9:00-10:20         Sexualization, Violence and Commercialization & More: Media’s Hostile Takeover of Childhood (Diane Levin)

10:20-10:40       Break

10:40-12:00       Creation of a Consumer Society (Gail Dines)

12:00-1:15         Lunch

1:15-2:30           Remote-Controlled Childhood: The Impact of Media Culture on Development, Learning and Behavior (Diane Levin)

2:30-3:30           Race and Racism in Media (Gail Dines)

3:30-3:45           Break

3:45-4:45           DreamWorlds (Gail Dines)

4:45-5:00           Debrief and Reflect on Day 2

5:30-7:00           Optional Video and Discussion: Tough Guise 2 (Gail Dines)

7:00                   Optional Dinner with Gail Dines


Stop Porn Culture Public Health Conference Begins


Wednesday, July 9: Growing up in a Porn Culture

9:00-9:30         Brief Introductions

9:30-10:30       Children, Sexualization and Porn Culture: What’s the Problem and What Can We Do? (Diane Levin)

10:30-10:45     Break

10:45-12:00     From Hottentot Venus to Hip Hop Honeys:

The Pornification of Popular Media and African American Girls (Carolyn West)

12:00-1:30       Lunch

1:30-2:30         Pop Goes the Porn Culture (Gail Dines)

2:30-3:15         Porn Culture in Middle School: Technology and Bullying (Jill Portugal)

3:15-3:30         Break

3:30-4:30         The Evolution of the Pornography Industry: How Free Pornography Changed the Economic Landscape (Jennifer Johnson)

4:30-5:00         Debriefing of day (Dana Bialer)

5:30-7:00         Optional Video and Discussion: Price of Pleasure or Flirting With Danger (Dana Bialer)


Thursday, July 10th: A Public Health Approach to Porn Culture

9:00-10:00          Children, Adolescents and Sexual Trauma (Heather Forkey)

10:00-10:15        Break

10:15-11:45        Developing a Public Health Approach to Porn (Cordelia Anderson, incl. Q&A)

11:45-12:00        Break

12:00-12:30        Fortify: Fight the New Drug‘s Education Program for Teenagers (Clay Olsen)

12:30-1:45          Lunch

1:45-2:45            Porn: a Public Health Emergency? (Gail Dines)

2:45-3:00            Break

3:00-4:00            Legal Strategies: Making the Case Against Revenge Porn (Ann Olivarius ESQ, incl. Q&A)

4:00-4:15            Break

4:15-4:45            The Role of Women Philanthropists in Funding a Bold Women’s Movement (Emily Nielson Jones)

4:45-5:00            Review and Discussion of the Day


Friday, July 11th: 1-Day Anti-Trafficking/Prostitution Conference:

9:30-10:15     Trafficking and Prostitution in the United States: What Does it Look Like? (keynote by Norma Ramos)

10:15-10.30    Greetings from the Office of Mayor Martin J. Walsh, City of Boston

10:30-11:00    Trafficking and Prostitution in Boston: What Does it Look Like? (Cherie Jimenez and Donna Gavin)

11:00-11:15     Break

11:15-11:55     Porn and the John: How Porn Shapes Masculinity (Gail Dines)

11:55-12:30     The John: What Does He Look Like and What Does He Want? (keynote by Victor Malarek)

12:30-1:45       Lunch

1:45-2:00         A Model for Collective Impact Around Demand Reduction: a Multi-City Based Approach (Ziba Cranmer)

2:00-2:30         Legalized Prostitution: Lessons from Germany

2:30-3:05         What Does a Successful Exit Program Look Like? (keynote by Vednita Carter)

3:05-3:20         Break

3:20-4:50         How Do We Put the “Move” back in the Movement? Panel Discussion

Facilitated by Chase Olivarius-McAllister

Participants are Norma Ramos, Vednita Carter, Brook Bello, Cherie Jimenez, Victor Malarek

04:50-05:20      Ending Prostitution, Human Trafficking and Pornography: What Does it Look Like? (Closing Comments by Cherie Jimenez and Norma Ramos)

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4. Recommended Readings

Please click this link for the list of recommended readings:


5. Information on Speakers:

Keynote Speakers:

  • Dr. Gail Dines: President and co-founder of Stop Porn Culture (SPC) and the author of the 2010 bestseller “Pornland: How Porn Has Hijacked Our Sexuality”. Professor of Sociology and Women’s Studies at Wheelock College in Boston. Gail is a longtime feminist activist and internationally renowned sociologist. She has written for publications including The Guardian, The New York Times, and The Independent, to name just a few.
  • Dr. Diane Levin: Co-founder of Campaign for a Commercial-Free Childhood (CCFC) and author of So Sexy So Soon: The New Sexualized Childhood and What Parents Can Do to Protect Their Kids among nine other books. Diane is a Professor of Education at Wheelock College in Boston.
  • Vednita Carter: Founder of Breaking Free, the survivor-led service NGO advocating women’s rights and the end of systems of abuse and sexual exploitation. Vednita is an influential prostitution abolitionist. With Breaking Free she has housed and offered education to thousands of victims since 1996. Vednita is an exited sex industry survivor.
  • Dr. Ann Olivarius: Managing partner of McAllister Olivarius, an international law firm. She specializes in representing victims of gender discrimination and harassment, revenge porn and other types of online harassment and abuse. She has managed complex legal matters for over 25 years, focusing on both civil rights and corporate law. Ann is the founder and Chair of the Rhodes Project, which investigates questions of gender and equality by examining the lives and careers of women Rhodes Scholars. She is also Managing Partner of AO Advocates, which represents survivors of childhood sexual abuse.
  • Victor Malarek: Award-winning journalist and author of multiple books including The Natashas, which examined the human trafficking in post-Soviet Eastern Bloc countries. His latest book, The Johns, investigates the demand side of trafficking/prostitution and attacks the idea that prostitution is a victimless crime. He explores the efficacy of Sweden’s law, criminalizing the buying–rather than the selling–of sex, and its dramatic impact on the country’s prostitution rates.
  • Norma Ramos: Renowned human rights lawyer and longtime feminist activist. She was the Executive Director of the Coalition Against Trafficking Women in Women (CATW), the first organization to fight sex trafficking internationally, for over seven years. She has experience in high-level policy development and advocacy. Norma has written for publications including The New York Times, Newsweek and the The Congressional Quarterly, to name just a few.


Expert Speakers Include:

  • Cordelia Anderson: Founder of Cordelia Anderson & Associates and founding president of the National Coalition to Prevent Child Sexual Abuse and Exploitation. Author of The Impact of Pornography on Children, Youth, and Culture and Fired Up, a play of survivors stories of trauma, hope and change. Cordelia runs the acclaimed Sensibilities Prevention Services training and consulation program that combats the harms of porn and systems of exploitation.
  • Brook Bello: Founder of More Too Life, the survivor-led victim service NGO, and member of FDFI Truth Panel, advocating children’s and women’s rights against all froms of sexual injustice and selfish utilization. Brook is a powerful and sought out abolitionist and spokesperson against trafficking and its root causes of rape and incest.
  • Vednita Carter (keynote speaker, see above)
  • Dr. Gail Dines (co-organizer, keynote speaker, see above)
  • Heather Forkey: Chief of the Division of Child Protection and Medical Director of the Foster Children Evaluation Service at UMass Memorial Children’s Medical Center. She is also an Assistant Professor at the UMass Medical School. Heather is a national expert on the care of children who have been exposed to trauma. A clinician, researcher and educator, Heather presents widely on the issues of children who have been victims of abuse, neglect and violence.
  • Donna Gavin: Sergeant Detective and Commander of the Boston Police Human Trafficking Unit as well as member of the Greater Boston Human Trafficking Task Force. Donna has worked tirelessly for the rights of trafficking and other victims for over 30 years. Her effective operations include stings on traffickers and predators seeking sex with minors.
  • Cherie Jimenez: Director and founder of The Eva Center, the dedicated sex industry survivor service NGO that focuses on effective exit strategies. Cherie has worked with hundreds of exploited women and “she understands the game” as she says, of “how easy it is to get into prostitution, and how hard to get out”. Cherie is an exited sex industry survivor.
  • Dr. Jennifer A. Johnson:  Associate Professor and Chair of Sociology at Virginia Commonwealth University and co-editor of an upcoming new journal Sexualization, Media & Society. Her present focus lies in analyzing the political economy of the online commercial pornography network to better understand how it markets its product to men. Jennifer’s work has appeared in Everyday Pornographies, International Journal of Media and Cultural Politics and Archives of Sexual Behavior.
  • Dr. Diane Levin (co-organizer, keynote speaker, see above)
  • Victor Malarek (keynote speaker, see above)
  • Emily Nielsen Jones: Co-Founder and President of the Imago Dei Fund. Emily is a donor-activist engaged in promoting human equality, justice, and peace. Her foundation adopts a “gender-lens” in its particular focus on partnering with women. Emily is actively engaged in the women-led philanthropy movement. Her involvement includes Women’s Donor Network, Women Moving Millions, Boston Women’s Fund to name just a few.
  • Dr. Ann Olivarius (keynote speaker, see above)
  • Chase Olivarius McAllister: Reporter for The Durango Herald, a daily newspaper in Colorado. Chase was the political action coordinator of the Yale Women’s Center and wrote extensively about feminst issues for the Yale Daily News and Broad Recognition, a feminist magazine. Her 2010 essay Older Man, Younger Woman, was featured in Reflections of Coeducation: A Critical History of Women at Yale.
  • Clay Olsen: Co-Founder and Executive Director of Fight the New Drug, a youth activist movement dedicated to raising awareness of the harmful effects of pornography. Clay has presented to over 200 schools and tens of thousands of teens and has been instrumental in the development of the web-based teen recovery program called Fortify that has already impacted thousands.
  • Jill Portugal: Executive Director of Jill has been a feminist entrepreneur for eighteen years and a middle school guidance counselor for twelve. She has developed an effective anti-porn and hypersexualization program for middle school students. Jill is a Member of the Board of SPC.
  • Norma Ramos (keynote speaker, see above)
  • Dr. Carolyn West: Award-winning author of Violence in the Lives of Black Women: Battered, Black, and Blue. Associate Professor of Psychology at the University of Washington. Carolyn has authored an array of articles emphasizing her lifelong studies on domestic violence.
  • Dr. Rebecca Whisnant: Co-Author of the 2005 book Not for Sale: Feminists Resisting Prostitution and Pornography, Director of Women’s and Gender Studies Program and Associate Professor of Philosophy at the University of Dayton. Rebecca is a Member of the Board of SPC.



To register for all or part of the conference, please go to

Members of the press, please contact mediateam [at] stoppornculture [dot] org.

Thank you for your interest and we hope to see you in Boston in July!

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