‘Regular’ Porn Is Illegal In Many Countries

This video is about porn laws, and proposed porn bills in countries around the globe. Some countries have laws against “regular” pornography, including hardcore pornography and gonzo pornography. In this video, porn laws and bans in Iceland, Egypt and other European countries are visited. Julie Bindel and Dr. Gail Dines both tackle the issues that contribute to gailcreation or lack thereof of laws and rules in these countries, and stress the importance of language and wording. They dismiss myths of proposed bans, and discuss the actual implications of the proposed bills. Dr. Gail Dines tells the Huffington Post in late February that, “I would… argue that because it’s women who are at the end of pornography or the ones who are hurt by this we seem to have a whole different level by which we measure this and if it was any other group where they were making billions of dollars off the torture, off life threatening injury, off body punishing sex, then you would see how quickly people would talk about human rights violations, about regulating this, but because it’s women and because it’s sex and we sexualize the violence, nobody sees it. Well I should say, most men do not see it for what it is and politicians don’t have the political will to do anything about it”. To watch Dr. Dines and Julie Bindel delve deeper into these issues, please watch the video below!

Watch the video here!