Please Help Stop Amnesty International’s Plan to Legalize Human Rights Violations

Please let Amnesty International know it is NOT okay to buy or sell women and children!

Amnesty International is currently lobbying against the enactment of the Nordic Model in Belfast, Northern Ireland. Rachel Moran and others have worked hard to make sure this is presented before legislative assembly. The Nordic Model offers valid alternatives to prostituted women who wish to exit and rebuild their lives. Do not let Amnesty International take that away and become complicit in the violence against women that often destroys the lives of women in the sex industry.

Please contact Amnesty International and let them know that prostitution is the normalization of violence against women.

We have prepared a Letter Template for you in our Action Alerts section, and have written up names and email addresses you can send letters to:

You can ask AI to reconsider its position on sexual slavery by signing two petitions: please click HERE  and/or HERE to sign the petitions.

In addition, you can contact the AI London office by clicking here.

To learn more about the issue, please read “A Grubby Collision With Misogyny”, an article by Julie Bindel.