Two Jailed over Twitter Abuse

Read about how two people were jailed for subjecting feminist campaigner Caroline Criado-Perez to gross abuse on Twitter. Rape and death threats were used to try to intimidate the victim.Jennifer Cockerell wrote an article about it in the Irish Examiner:

Two jailed over Twitter abuse of campaigner

  • A man and a woman have been jailed for subjecting a high-profile feminist to online abuse.

Isabella Sorley, 23, used Twitter to tell campaigner Caroline Criado-Perez to “fuck off and die you worthless piece of crap”, “go kill yourself” and “rape is the last of your worries”.

John Nimmo, 25, told Ms Criado-Perez to “shut up bitch” and “Ya not that gd looking to rape u be fine” followed by “I will find you (smiley face)” and then the message “rape her nice ass”, Westminster Magistrates’ Court heard. CarolineCriadoPerez_large

Sentencing Sorley to 12 weeks in prison and Nimmo to eight weeks, Judge Howard Riddle said it was “hard to imagine more extreme threats”.

The pair bombarded Ms Criado-Perez with the abusive messages last year after she led a successful campaign using social media for a female figure to appear on a Bank of England note.

Judge Riddle said the harm threatened against Ms Criado-Perez “must have been intended to be very high”.

He said the effect of the abuse on Ms Criado-Perez had been “life-changing”.

Unemployed Nimmo also targeted abuse at Labour MP Stella Creasy, with the message “The things I cud do to u (smiley face)”, calling her “dumb blond bitch”.


This article by Jennifer Cockerell was published by the Irish Examiner on January 25th, 2014.