SPC UK Launch Conference, Saturday, March 15th – Organizing Together Against the Sex Industry

We are excited about the launch of our Stop Porn Culture International branch in the UK on March 14th and 15th.

SPC already has well established teams and allies in the United States and Norway. We hope to build on their success and join organizations in the UK to expand the feminist anti-pornography movement.

Please join Gail Dines, Julie Bindel and SPC Intl. leaders and allies at our two-day UK launch. The main conference will be on Saturday, March 15th. This conference is a progressive, feminist collaboration against the sex industry.

Please click here to download E-Flyer and Schedules of both March 14 and 15 as a pdf file.



Saturday, March 15th:

CONFERENCE With Expert International Speakers and Panel. (click HERE to register).

On Saturday, March 15th, leading feminists and political activists are joining us on this day of presentations and discussions. Speakers and participants on the panel include:

Julie Bindel – leading feminist and political activist and co-founder of Justice for Women, co-editor of Gaze and columnist at The Guardian,

Dr. Gail Dines – co-founder of Stop Porn Culture, professor at Wheelock College in Boston and author of “Pornland: How Porn Has Hijacked Our Sexuality”,

Guðrún Jónsdóttir – Icelandic feminist with Stígamót, the organization that works to eradicate sexual violence and offer resources,

Marie – Feminist, exited prostituted woman and survivor of the German sex industry.

Sarah Mathewson – Campaigns and Media Strategy Manager of OBJECT, the women’s group, feminist activist and campaigner against the objectification of women,

Dr. Julia Long – author of “Anti-Porn: The Resurgence of Anti-Pornography Feminism” and radical feminist activist with the London Feminist Network,

Lia Latchford – Information and Development Officer Imkaan,

Wiveca Holst – Swedish feminist and treasurer with Roks, and expert to the EWL Observatory on Violence against Women,

Lisa-Marie Taylor – Head of SPC UK, feminist activist and organizer of the Feminism in London Conference as well as this one,

Ane Stø – Head of SPC Norway and the feminist group Ottar, co-editor of “The Nordic Approach: Feminists Write Candidly About the Nordic Battle to Ban the Purchase of Sex”,

Joan Smith – The panel will be facilitated by human rights activist, multiple book author and journalist Joan Smith.



 Stop Porn Culture Intl. Conference in London

Saturday, March 15, 2014.

Schedule of the Day


8:30-9:30                 Registration

9:40-10:00               Introduction by Lisa-Marie Taylor: SPC UK – Goals and Aims

10:00-11:00              Presentation by Julie Bindel on the Politics of Sex Industry

11:00-11:15              Coffee Break

11:15-12:10              Presentation by Gail Dines: “The Porning of Culture and the Culture of Porn”

12:10-12:50              Q&A with Gail Dines and Julie Bindel

12:50-13:50              Lunch Break

13:50-15:50              Intl. Expert Panel Moderated by Joan Smith

15:50-16:05              Coffee Break

16.05-16:45              Q&A and Requests for SPC

16:45-17:15              Closing Remarks by Dr. Dines



Wedge House / Kids Company, 36-40 Blackfriars Road, Southwark, London, SE1 8PB.

(Nearest tube stations: Southwark (7mins) and Blackfriars (10mins))

For March 15 CONFERENCE registration, please go here: http://stoppornculture.org/events/5/spc-intl-conference-london-march-15/



Friday, March 14th (PLEASE NOTE: Date Change! Workshops now on Friday, March 14th!):

WORKSHOP with SPC Allies and Volunteers has been moved to Friday, March 14th. This is a workshop to set up SPC in the UK. (click HERE to register).

On Friday the 14th, Femi Otitoju is facilitating the SPC Launch workshop. SPC will give an overview of the current structure of the organization and what our objects and needs are for securing a successful launch of the new UK branch and collaborations. We are looking for teams that will focus on areas of the organization such as outreach, campaigns, fundraising and PR.

Attendees will split up into small task groups to discuss and expand on how best to go forward. We look forward to building strong coalitions and collaborations with you that will be the foundation for SPC UK.


Stop Porn Culture Intl. Workshops

Friday, March 14, 2014.

Schedule of the Day

09:00-09:35             Registration

09:35-10:15             Introduction to SPC’s history, ongoing projects and goals by the Executive Director of SPC

10-15-11:30             Presentation by Dr. Gail Dines: Feminism, Porn and “Sex Work” – How We Got from Liberation to Empowerment in Just one Generation

11:30-12:15             Discussion with feminists from around Europe on how the US model does or doesn’t map onto their experiences.

12:15-13:30             Lunch

13:30-16:30             Workshops facilitated by Femi Otitoju

16:30-17:00             Closing remarks



Wedge House / Kids Company, 36-40 Blackfriars Road, Southwark, London, SE1 8PB.

(Nearest tube stations: Southwark (7mins) and Blackfriars (10mins))


For March 14th WORKSHOPS registration and location details, please go here: http://stoppornculture.org/events/9/2-day-spc-london-conference-march-15-day-2-workshops/


Please click here to download the E-Flyer and Schedules for both, March 14 and 15 as a pdf file.

Members of the press, please contact us at mediateam [at] stoppornculture [dot] org.


One of the campaigns of our brilliant SPC Norway team

From one of the many activist campaigns of our SPC Norway team