Welcome to our new website:

As you can see, we have made a lot of changes and are still updating the site to keep you informed about the porn industry and its harms, how the players operate and how the victims suffer endlessly. We have written extensively about the hyper-sexualization of everything from advertisment to pop culture, and what resources are available to you to combat the effects this has on you and your family and friends.

What You Can Do

We also have new sections in the works to answer the question we get from so many of you every day: “what can I do to help?” First of all, don’t feel frustrated–you are not alone. There are many of us, and more and more every day. And your help is needed indeed! There are countless effective things you can do within your community.

Here are a few examples: we have prepared three slide shows (here) for those of you who don’t mind presenting in front of mature audiences, be it at your kid’s university or in your own living room: five interested listeners are better than a hundred who are nodding off, and a little goes a very long way in community activism. We are currently editing an article with suggestions for how best to work through each slide show. There is already a useful Q&A with questions we tend to get and how to answer them (here).

Activism & Projects

We are also very busy writing up numerous small and large activism projects for you to choose from, complete with action plans, letter templates, petitions or flyers you can print out on your home computer. We realise that most of you are busy and but wish to be involved. If you only have five minutes but are as angry as we are and want to tell Yale University to stop endorsing porn and rape culture on its campus, you can click on Activism&Projects, then click on Action Alerts: “Letter to Yale” and send the letter we’ve prewritten to the email addresses we provided. CC/ your friends.

Activism is crucial and goes a very long way and raising awareness and political will is the first step in getting our friends and families to understand that there is a $90 billion industry out there that cares little about sexual liberation or female empowerment, and a lot about how to reduce the average number of clicks it takes to get into your wallet, or that of your children.

Be a Volunteer

If you would like to be more involved than that, please register as a volunteer. We look forward to working with you. We have plenty of work on an ongoing basis in fields that include research&writing, fundraising, and conference planning.

Event Registration

We are particularly excited that our new event registration page is now ‘open for business’:

Please have a look at our upcoming Stop Porn Culture International conference in London on Saturday, March 15th 2014, using the links in the sidebar on the left hand side, or go here. Registration for this two-day launch event is on our “Events” page:

The launch of our European offices is incredibly important to us and our wonderful international team is in an intense phase of planning and preparing our future presence in Europe.


We will add more content and functionality to this website over time. Please bear with us while we prepare all of your favorite content for you in a reader-friendly way.

Please feel free to can contact us at info [at] stoppornculture [dot] org. We look forward to hearing from you!

Your Stop Porn Culture Team